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White Chocolate Cashew Halloween Crock Pot Candy Recipe

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I love cashew chocolate clusters but it’s even easier in your Crock Pot. Make this delicious white chocolate cashew Halloween crock pot candy today!This post may contain affiliate links. 

This recipe was so easy. We’ve all seen Crock Pot candy but this is a new twist on it. I’m so excited to be joining the ladies at Simple Simon for their Slow Cooker Spooktacular series. Head to the bottom of the post to find out how you can win one of your very own!Supplies

First, place your whole cashews in the Crock Pot. Then place the white almond bark on top. Then add your bag of white chocolate chips. Don’t stir just yet! Place your Crock Pot on low and cook it for about an hour. After an hour, go ahead and give it and stir. Some people will say to let it go for another hour but that burnt mine the first time. Just stir it until the chocolate is melted after that first initial hour and then scoop them.

Use an ice scream scoop or just two spoons and place it on some parchment paper to set.

While your chocolate is still warm, sprinkle your Halloween sprinkles on top. I created these fun candy boxes with my Cricut Maker and here is the link to the Design Space file if you want led to make your own on any Cricut. The paper is from My Minds EyeMy word of advice and something I learned the hard way ?, line your Crock Pot with some cling film or place something as a barrier if you have a hot spot. My hot spot is on one particular side about 2” up. I burned the candy that was in that area but I was also able to salvage a lot of it too.

This recipe can be customized for any holiday but Halloween is one of my favorites. It’s perfect as fall neighbor gifts or add Christmas sprinkles and pass them out then. Head here to Simple Simon to win your very own slow cooker. Good luck! 

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