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Baby, It’s Freaking Cold Outside – FREE Winter SVG Files

November 6, 2018

Who doesn’t love free? Grab these FREE Christmas SVG files available to download below cause – Baby, it’s really freaking cold outside.

woman holding mug with free christmas svg
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To follow along with our free Thanksgiving SVG files, we’ve now made you 16 FREE Christmas SVG files for you to make your own Baby, it’s cold outside Christmas coffee mug using some vinyl. Head to the bottom of the post to learn how you can win your very own 12X10″ Cricut EasyPress.

Supplies for your DIY Christmas coffee cup

Easy peasy to get this DIY holiday mug. Cut your vinyl using your electronic cutter. I prefer to use the Cricut machine. I just feel like my cuts are a lot cleaner and it cuts through material better compared to my Silhouette. I haven’t had the opportunity to use a Silhouette machine for about 3 years now so they may have gotten better.

Now weed out the excess vinyl. You can use a weeding tool or a safety pin to pull up the extras. Just remove whatever you don’t want as your image you’re transferring.

How do I apply vinyl to a cup?

After the image is weeded, cut your transfer tape to fit the image. Lay the transfer tape onto your image and then use your scraper tool to get it adhered. Do not press it too hard because you want the vinyl to come back off. Peel the transfer tape off. You should have the image onto the transfer tape.

Lay your transfer tape and image on your coffee mug and then use your scraper tool to transfer your image. Use your scraper tool to press on top of the transfer tape over your shape. Slowly lift the corner of the transfer tape and pull up. Your vinyl will remain on the mug.

Sometimes it helps to pull your transfer tape in a rocking motion and that will help loosen it off the vinyl.

Where can I find FREE Christmas SVG files?

Grab your FREE Christmas SVG files at the like below. They’re perfect for aprons, towels, shirts, and bags. Use your EasyPress, Heat Press or iron to apply the Iron-On Vinyl.

free christmas svg files to cut on your Cricut or Silhouette

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      Crystal, it’s a SVG file. Go to the google link for the file and save it to your computer by clicking on the arrow in the upper right side. Then in DS, you’ll click on upload and find the file on your computer. It will now show up in your files and you can add it to a canvas from there.

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