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Tips and Tricks for using Cricut Iron On Vinyl

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Want to learn all the tips and tricks to Cricut's Iron On Vinyl? I'm here to show you some pointers on how to get the best looking project and most importantly answer what the difference is between the Everyday Iron-On and the Iron-On Lite.

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

What is the big difference between Cricut Iron On Vinyl and regular heat transfer vinyl? Learn a few of what the answers are to those questions below.

I am so excited to be teaching the reversed canvas class at the Cricut Make-A-Thon in August 2018. It's going to be filled with making great items and making great friends. For the reversed canvas class, we're going to be using Cricut's new Everyday Iron-On vinyl and I've been pleased with the results.

Have you been wondering how to use the Cricut Iron-On Vinyl? I'm sharing my tips and tricks to easier use the material. #cricutmade #cricut

What's the difference between Iron-On and HTV?

Absolutely nothing, they're just called different names. Cricut uses the words Iron-On Vinyl so that people can easily differentiate between heat transfer vinyl that brands like Siser sell and standard vinyl that you wouldn't use any heat for. Iron-On and HTV come in a variety of brands and styles so it's important to choose a reputable seller.

Where can I buy reputable Iron-On Vinyl or HTV?

Most craft stores carry Cricut Iron-On Vinyl in store but their selection can vary. I love going online to and choose from a selection they have. They are phasing out their Iron-On Lite and transitioning to their Everyday Iron-On.

Expressions Vinyl is also a reputable seller that carries Siser and their own brand of HTV. I like their HTV and find it very similar to Cricut's Iron-On Lite.

Happy Crafters is also one I like to use but I don't order from them too often. I like them because I can buy shirts and HTV all in one place.

Have you been wondering how to use the Cricut Iron-On Vinyl? I'm sharing my tips and tricks to easier use the material. #cricutmade #cricut

What is the difference between Cricut's Iron-On Lite and Cricut's Everyday Iron-On?

When I've used both, I notice that the weeding process is smoother on the new Cricut Everyday Iron-On. It seems to feel like it is a bit thicker so it doesn't tear or stretch as easily.

Cricut's Iron-On Lite leaves texture to know that you have a good stick. You can see the fibers of the material you're pressing on through it. Since the Cricut Everyday Iron-On seems thicker, I haven't been able to see the fibers as I have in the past.

Cricut Everyday Iron-On has the StrongBond guarantee and that right there has been a life changer. I'm able to do more active shirts because of the StrongBond grip and I feel more comfortable throwing it in the wash.

What temperature setting should I use with my Cricut Iron-On?

Cricut has a great guide to knowing what settings you should use. They have household iron settings and EasyPress settings. They also include a guide for if you have the EasyPress mat or you're using a towel.

Siser is also a great resource. A lot of Iron-On or HTV have similar settings. The Cricut and Siser and the only guides I recommend using. Unless your HTV came with settings specifically for their HTV, use these other guides.

Do I need a heat press or the Cricut EasyPress to use vinyl?

The short answer is yes. If you're going to make shirts that last, you're going to want some kind of press. The EasyPress is perfect for someone starting out that does occasional shirts and doesn't have space to house a large heat press.

If you're going to be turning your craft into a business and have the room for a heat press, by all means, get one.

The EasyPress Mat is a perfect accessory for the EasyPress. Do not press on an ironing board or an uneven surface. I use my wood floor and the mat and it presses perfectly each time. If you use a surface that draws the heat out, your temperature on the EasyPress will drop. Your design will also lift because it didn't get the same pressure on the entire design.

You can always use an iron, don't feel like you can't make something because you don't have a press. Irons are just tricky because they don't have even heating elements and you can easily burn your HTV.

To learn how to layer HTV and how to use an iron with your vinyl, click here.

Have you been wondering how to use the Cricut Iron-On Vinyl? I'm sharing my tips and tricks to easier use the material. #cricutmade #cricut

How do I remove HTV or Iron-On from my materials?

If you've made a mistake, don't fret. You can remove HTV but it is a painstaking process. Just place your heat directly onto your design and take some tweezers and pull it off. Go slow and you will be able to press another design.

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