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Make your own Fixer Upper style Kitchen sign with your Cricut Explore

March 27, 2017

Fixer Upper is one of my all time favorite HGTV shows. Learn how easy it is to create this Fixer Upper style sign for your kitchen using your Cricut.Create your own Fixer Upper style sign with your Cricut ExploreThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you to Cricut for sponsoring this post.


magnolia homes kitchenFirst, begin by downloading the Kenzo font for free and use this pre-made Cricut template for your Fixer Upper kitchen sign. Everything is done for you. Just load your black vinyl onto your 12X24″ Cricut mat and select Go! You’ll want to use a standard blade for the vinyl and I used the Vinyl+ setting on my smart dial just to be sure I got a smooth cut. My German blade has lasted 2+ years and I’ve really never had to replace it. Once I start getting missed cuts or tears in my paper, that’s when I know it’s best to change my Cricut blade. It’s super easy, just press the button on the top and pull out the blade, throw the new blade in there and release the button. It’s so easy!After I’ve cut my vinyl, I’ll use the hook tool as a weeder and remove all the negative space. I then add my transfer tape on top of it and give it a good scrape using my scraper tool or a credit card will work just as well. Be sure to use quite a bit of pressure so that the image will lift easily when you’re ready to pull up the image.Prepare your wooden surface by sanding it lightly and then brushing off the dust remnants. I spray painted my sign black, to begin with, and then once I place the letters on it I’ll spray it white to reveal a reverse effect.

The pre-made template is just the right fit for the 3’X6″ wooden board. I had leftover wood so I just used that for the size. Whatever you have on hand or whatever size works for your space, be sure to edit the image so that it’ll look great on your board. I made the letters 5″ so that I had a bit of a white edge but I didn’t want too much of an edge because that doesn’t seem to be the look of the Fixer Upper kitchen sign that says SUPERMARKET.Now that I’ve weeded out my vinyl and attached it to the transfer tape, adhere it to your dry board. It’ll go on directly over the black spray paint. Use your scraper tool and be sure the letters are pressed down well. Lift off your transfer tape and begin to spray with white paint. My board had some imperfections and I loved that, If you want a cleaner look, paint at least 2 coats of white spray paint.After the white paint has dried, use your weeder tool and peel up the letters from the board. You should have crisp letters that are black and a white background. I used the scraper tool to rough my board up a bit. You could also use a metal spatula and just brush it along the edges and a little over the writing. Age that wooden board as much as you like or as little as you like.Adhere some foam mounting tape or some command strips and hang it above your kitchen sink. I love all the projects the Cricut Explore allows me to do and I’ve made so many different things for my home, my children and myself especially! Also, if you know me well, you know that I had to move everything out of the way to get a ‘clean’ shot of my home. There is crap everywhere and I have no space for anything. Do I throw it away or just buy a new house??

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

7 thoughts on “Make your own Fixer Upper style Kitchen sign with your Cricut Explore

  1. Laurie moore

    A money saving tips: you can save your vinyl & money by using contact paper as your template when creating signs such as this. That way instead of throwing away good vinyl you can can save your vinyl & buy cheaper contact paper for these type projects instead.

  2. Leigh-Anne

    Hi! I hate to ask such a novice question but I just got my Cricut and am wanting this to be my first project!! I love it! But I can’t figure out how to get the template to upload into design space on my iPhone. When I click on it, it opens up the Cricut app but the file doesn’t open up in there. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Lindsay Post author

      Sometimes when you click on the template with your phone, it automatically opens up the app. You’re going to have to do it on your desktop and save it to your projects. It’s easily re-creatable if you don’t have access to one of those. The font is Kenzo if you’re able to download that to your phone. If you have the Rhonna Designs app, you can make a project in there and then save it and upload it to your app. I hope this helps a little.

      And now that I go through that post, I don’t have a Cricut Design Space template for this particular file. I will create one and add it on there today.

  3. Leigh-Anne

    That helped so much! I have a laptop 🙂 I haven’t downloaded that rhonna designs app. Is that something I will be needing in the future? Also do you have any recommendations of people who do good tutorials? I will upload a picture of the sign when I finish it! Thank you thank you thank you! I love your blog btw!

  4. Leigh-Anne

    One last question I’m so sorry to keep posting on here but if I only have a 12×12 mat how do it separate the letters so it’ll fit on my mat? I can get it into 2 separate groupings to not any smaller than that??


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