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DIY Marquee Letters with your Cricut Explore

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Create these DIY Marquee Letters using your Cricut Explore and some chipboard. Perfect for a wedding or even home decor.
Create your own Marquee Letters using your Cricut Machine. Use a Cricut Explore or your Cricut Maker. #DIY #MarqueeLetters #WeddingDecor #Cricut #CricutMadeThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

I had so much fun making these DIY Marquee Letters and who knew they'd be quick and easy. The only thing I recommend is strong paper like chipboard and battery-powered lights rather than string lights, that's it. I love easy projects and even though these were quick for me, I did have a failed attempt my first round.

Supplies –

Custom Marquee Letters with your Cricut Explore on seelindsay.comThe first round, I thought I wanted to use foam core. I made the stencils just using standard paper and cut the foam core with a xacto knife and cut some poster board 4″x24″. The foam core was my worst enemy. My blade must not have been sharp enough and plus this is a Cricut Design Star Challenge! Duh, if you can't actually cut it in the machine…don't use it, Lindsay! So I scrapped it once it was done. Plus I didn't like the measurements I had anyways so it was a win-win.DIY Marquee Letters with your Cricut Explore on seelindsay.comI used the Don Juan Cricut font in the Design Space and then I placed x's in the Disco font and as I selected all shapes I pressed the Attach button in the Layers tab. It set everything to a cut setting and I cut away. I then created a shape where it was a rectangle with 1/2″ tabs to fold over. I should have made a score line in Design Space, however, I do like to use it outside of my machine as well and I used my fabric ruler and scored right on the edge where I wanted to fold.Custom Marquee Letter with your Cricut Explore on seelindsay.comWhen they were finished I placed my fold against the end of the letter and some hot glue and just began folding. When it was time for the creases, I knew a little bit beforehand so I would mark them and score them before it got too close to where they were glued down. I started on the corner and then placed a light bead of hot glue to make a straight seam.Custom Marquee Letters with your Cricut Explore on seelindsay.comFor the lights, I found these at Michaels. I know they sell actual small globe lights but for now, I could only find those in orange so I opted for these that I could find in white. Just take off the bulb and press it through the top and connect it to the bottom. I did glue the battery pack onto the back of these, think about how you want them to either stand or hang when you do this.
Wedding backdrop and decor using your Cricut Explore on

Again, I was so impressed with how the Cricut Explore cut the chipboard. I would have never attempted this with my Silhouette and then to do intricate cuts was a whole other thing. I'm really impressed by how easy it is becoming to me. It was a learning curve but I think I've got this.

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