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i L.O.V.E you Canvas Art

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Frenchie for Hazel and Ruby

This post originally appeared on Hazel and Ruby but because I love it so much, still after 6 months, I wanted to share it with you all! My children also like to add what they can to our hanging art. This was really easy and all you'll need is a little drying time. I grabbed all my supplies from Michaels.

Frenchie for Hazel and Ruby

The sign I got on clearance after the summer, the Faber-Castell is in the specialty art section and Hazel and Ruby stencils are usually on an end cap or can also be found by some of the Heidi Swapp goodies.

Frenchie for Hazel and Ruby

With the products I was given, I chose to use the Gelato's in Champagne and the Whipped Spackle. I had to paint my canvas in white first to cover the purple color but a little bit still came through but it's not extremely noticeable, it just looks a little darker than the rest. I'd say do 2 coats on this part because in the right light, you can see the words come through. I used the entire jar of spackle on this canvas for two reasons: A. I wanted plenty of coverage and B. I wanted to have bit of lift when I pressed down the letters in the word LOVE. I used the Broadside Alpha for the stencil because the other font would have been too small. I used a butter knife to press them down or you can use your spackle knife. I used the butter knife for the entire project.

Frenchie for Hazel and RubyI let my spackle dry for a good 24 hours. I removed the letters when it was semi-dry, make sure you wipe them off when it's still wet too! The gelato, I just broke up onto a piece of paper and decided I'd use a heat gun and a paint brush to fill in the letters. This is where it fell apart for me. It wasn't my original plan for it to be messy but I do love the end result. The heat guns power was just too strong and it blew it all over so I would recommend a bowl if you want a cleaner look and also maybe use the back of the paintbrush. I tried to see if I could break it up and inset it into the letters and it blew all over the place so I just went with it. I've got random melted pieces of Gelato's on my art and it's really taking me back to when I loved to do actual pieces of art back in the day. I'll for sure be doing more.

Frenchie for Hazel and Ruby

I hope you guys love this project as much as I do and give it a try. You can get a custom piece of art for less than $20. I hope you love this and it's just perfect for about any special occasion!

XOXO, Lindsay

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