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Cricut Christmas Ornament using Natalie Malan’s Christmas Images

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Making Christmas ornaments with my Cricut is my go-to each and every year. Creating Cricut Christmas ornaments using vinyl is easy and inexpensive. Find this Natalie Malan Christmas image in Design Space and create your own today.

cricut christmas ornament ideas

I've partnered up with 8 other bloggers to show you some of the Christmas ornaments you can make with your Cricut. You can use the Explore on most of these besides the felt. I highly recommend that you use your Cricut Maker to cut felt with the rotary blade.

Supplies for your Cricut Christmas Ornament

Begin by opening up the Cricut Design Space File. Size it to fit onto your ornament. You can put these on a flatter ornament so that you don't have to deal with cutting slits in your transfer tape or just suck it up cause I love the way it looks on this white round ornament.

Weed your excess vinyl and keep your design on the carrier sheet. You’ll then apply some transfer tape and burnish or rub it.

joy ornament

How to apply vinyl to a rounded object

To help you apply vinyl to a rounded ornament, cut your transfer tape larger than your design. So if my design was 3”, my transfer tape would be about an inch over that.

Make cuts in your transfer tape all around the perimeter going as close to your image as you can without cutting it. Apply your design to your clean ornament starting with the center and then continue to slowly move out to the edge of your design.

Sometimes you will need to lift and reapply. Go slowly and methodically to prevent any wrinkles in your Cricut Christmas ornament.

More cricut christmas ornament ideas

One of the many reasons I love being a blogger is the connections I’ve made. I’ve teamed up with 8 other talented friends who’ve also created Christmas ornaments using their Cricut machine.

cricut christmas ornaments
  1. Tis the Season to Sparkle – Artsy Fartsy Mama
  2. Gingerbread Cricut Ornaments – Pineapple Paper Co.
  3. Joyeux Noel Mini Farmhouse Sign Ornament – Celebrating Everyday Life
  4. DIY Paper Christmas Ornaments – Abbi Kirsten Collections
  5. DIY Sloth Ornament – Brooklyn Berry Designs
  6. Joy Christmas Ornament – SeeLindsay
  7. Christmas Teacher Cricut Ornament – Happy Go Lucky
  8. Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments –  Everyday Party Mag
  9. DIY Reindeer Hot Chocolate Ornament – Hello Creative Family
  10. Easy Woodblock Cricut Ornament – Me and My Inklings
  11. Easy Cricut Poinsettia Ornament – Kingston Crafts

These mini Santa letters were made using the same cartridge as well. Click on the picture to learn how I made them.

mini santa letters
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    • Lindsay says

      It’s in Cricut Design Space. It’s a Natalie Malan design. Their links are acting weird lately so I can’t direct you to the exact file but if you search Joy and Natalie this should pop up. She’s so talented!

  1. Ella says

    Crikey, Cricut (I’m not Australian, I don’t know why I said “crikey”)! I didn’t know it was possible to fall in love with a machine (other than my label maker of course). If someone in my family isn’t getting married, they’re getting knocked up, so this would be a great way to gift those special people with ornaments, shower goodies, or personalized wedding gifts.

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