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Easy DIY Toddler Easter Shirt and 15+ More FREE SVG Files

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Spring is not complete without a DIY Toddler Easter Shirt for the cute babes in your life. Check out the FREE Easter SVG file and grab 15 more from our monthly free SVG blog hop.

DIY Toddler Easter Shirt

These monthly free SVG files myself and other bloggers have offered have been a huge hit with all of our readers. We've created everything from Christmas mugs, Valentine t-shirts, and cute tote bags all with our free SVG files.

Supplies for your Toddler Easter Shirt

Time needed: 10 minutes

How to Apply Iron On Vinyl

  1. Cut your Iron-On Vinyl

    After you've uploaded your design to your software, you will want to cut your IronOn Vinyl shiny side down and be sure the image is reversed. Your machine should not cut completely through the clear carrier sheet. You want your vinyl to have a “kiss cut” meaning it has cut through the vinyl but not the sheet it came on.

  2. How to Weed Iron-On Vinyl

    Using a weeding tool or safety pin, remove all of the negatives of the image. Leave the part of the image that you want on your carrier sheet so that the image will stay where it is supposed to.

  3. Prepare your surface

    You'll want to preheat your clothing to get all the moisture out. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on what temperature you need to press at and whether or not you need to peel the carrier sheet off while it is still hot or has cooled down.

  4. How to Apply Iron On Vinyl

    Again, read the manufacturer's instruction on what temperature you need to set your Heat Press or EasyPress on. The most common kind of Iron-On is called Siser EasyWeed. To apply to a cotton t-shirt, preheat your EasyPress to 305F degrees and press your HTV for 30 seconds. Remove while the carrier sheet is still warm.

  5. How to care for your garment after applying HTV

    Wash your garment inside out and if you need to press, press it from the back. Hang dry or tumble on low heat.

chick magnet svg
Cricut easter shirt

how do I correctly apply htv?

Using HTV on a shirt is very easy. After you have uploaded your SVG file into Design Space or you've uploaded the SVG file into the Silhouette software, you want to mirror your image before you cut.

Lay your HTV on the mat shiny side down. This carrier sheet will hold your entire image together for you. After you've cut, remove any unwanted HTV from the carrier sheet.

Prepare your toddler t-shirt for the HTV by preheating your fabric. This will remove the moisture from your fabric and allow the HTV to stick better and not lift.

Using a folded towel on a sturdy surface is perfect for pressing the HTV to your shirt. Do not use an ironing board. It is too bendy in the middle (that's a term) and it doesn't allow even heat to be distributed.

toddler easter shirt

Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the heat settings so that you can be sure to get the right seal of the HTV.

That's it! Grab the 16 FREE SVG files below from each blogger. These are available for personal use only.

free easter svg files
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      It is just colored white. I cannot figure out how to make it black without it doing multiple lines and messing up the file. It’ll work on your computer and then you can fill it in any color. Sorry!

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